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An exclusive pass helping you save big on your travel expenses. Also offers flat fares anywhere, anytime in the city!

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Ola recognizes some key zones in the city. So book a Share while you travel from one of those zones and enjoy flat-fares.

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Know more about Ola Share

Ola Share lets you save your travel cost by allowing you to share your ride with other Ola users travelling along your route.

To book an Ola Share all you would need to do is login to you Ola cabs account and choose Ola Share. Enter your pickup and drop locations and click on ‘Ride Now’. Before confirming the booking you would need to choose the number of seats that you would wish to book.

Ola Share allows a minimum of one and a maximum of 2 seats to be booked under one booking. With that done, click on ‘Confirm Booking’ and you are good to go. Please note that your fare may change when you choose to book 2 seats. The revised fare will be shown on the app before your confirm the booking.

Ola requests you to carry not more than two small bags or one medium bag with the sum of length, width and height not exceeding 70 cms for small and 140 cms for medium bag, as there would be other co-passengers traveling along.

You can book up to 2 seats on your Ola Share ride. If you choose to book 2 seats, the pickup and drop location of the co-passenger traveling should be same.

Note- Your fare may change when you choose to book 2 seats. The revised fare will be shown on the app before your confirm the booking.

Once the cab reaches the pickup location of a co-passenger it will wait for 2 minutes for the co-passenger to board the cab, post which the co-passenger’s booking will be cancelled.

If we don’t find a co-passenger traveling along your route, you can enjoy a solo ride together with the benefit of Ola Share discounted fare.

Since your share ride would have other Ola users as well hence we do not allow a change in your pickup or drop location once your Ola Share booking has been confirmed. However, just In case you want to change your pickup or drop location, please cancel your booking, and book another Share ride.

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Book cabs on the run, even when you’re offline. Track ride and keep your loved ones informed and get access to the best deals.

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